General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance

Agopian Insurance Services can save you money. If you consider how affordable coverage is in CA and how costly damages to a customer’s property can be, you will quickly see how Agopian Insurance Services can save you cash. If you shop online for rates in California and compare quotes, you will be sure to get an affordable rate that fits your budget.

No matter what kind of business you own, a Agopian Insurance policy is a must. You can purchase CA coverage for public or product liability, or you can choose from a wide variety of specific policies that fit your needs. If you own a California restaurant for instance, you might want to purchase a policy that covers you in case of a customer falling in your restaurant. If you own a California manufacturing plant, you might want to purchase commercial liability insurance that would cover you for pollution. You may even want to mix several types into one Agopian Insurance Services policy to fit your requirements.

Identify Your Risk

The first step to shopping for Agopian Insurance Services is to understand your risk factors. Do you own a shopping center in California? Consider how many risks a shopping center potentially has to the public. Everything from potholes to shopping carts can be a potential risk. Perhaps you are a general contractor. As a general contractor there are hundreds of potential risk factors from stepping on a customer’s prized petunias to dropping a saw in their above ground pool.

If you own a venue that serves alcohol such as a pub or hotel, your risk factors increase dramatically. If you are a fishing guide who takes customers out on the Pacific Ocean to catch the big one, you have extremely high risk factors. Other high-risk businesses include pharmaceutical companies, or vehicle manufacturers. These companies are considered high risk because of the potential damage that can occur if something goes wrong with the product.

If you understand your risk, you will understand both the need to purchase Agopian Insurance Services, and what type of policy you are interested in. Write down your risk factors before talking to an insurance policy provider. Discuss the risks in detail with several insurance carriers and compare the quotes to ensure you receive the best rates possible.

Limiting Risks

Now that you have reviewed your risks, there are ways to minimize them. If you provide products, you should start with a comprehensive quality control program. Review the program with your employees and enforce it with positive reinforcement. You might consider a reward program for top quality performers. This both increases awareness of how important quality is to you but also gives your employees an incentive for better quality.

Another program that you should consider is a safety program. A safety program should be both informative and interesting. We have all sat through safety videos which although can be helpful should not constitute your entire safety program. Come up with a program that is geared specifically to what you do. Involve your managers in coming up with topics and allow them to help with the planning of the safety meetings. Again, this will promote safety and get everyone involved in bringing awareness to its importance to your California company.

Common Classes of Insurance

There are two most common classes of Agopian Insurance Services, public and product liability. Both are commonly covered under your Agopian Insurance policy, but by understanding what they cover, you can decide whether they are the only coverage you need.

Public liability covers any potential damage to the general public. Our earlier example of a shopping center would require this type of insurance. Other examples would be manufacturing plants, sporting arenas, or theatres.

Product general liability policies cover companies who provide products to the public or to other businesses. These include any product, in any capacity. You might be a food manufacturer or a pesticide provider. You might sell agricultural equipment or train cars. No matter what your product is, if you are selling it you can benefit from Agopian Insurance Services. Insurance for products will cover you in the event that your product is defective or causes an accident or personal injury to your customer.

There are many excellent reasons to purchase Agopian Insurance Services. The most important reason is the protection of your company. If you take the time to assess your risk factors and shop for coverage that will cover you for any eventuality, you will find a policy to fit your needs. No matter whether you sell a product or provide a service, you can rest assured that your Agopian Insurance Services will protect you in the case of injury to a customer or damage to a customer’s property.

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